NeurOptimal® PASS Member Sponsorship Program

Are you a practitioner and/or PASS member?

Do you have customers or people who want to acquire the system?

  • You can refer your customers to me and benefit from two important advantages. At the time of the sale, I will appoint you as a PASS member (ambassador), (I enclose a copy of the order with your name as proof. The customer can also make the order alone by adding your name + my name Daniel Bensimhon as a representative) and Zengar will pay you directly the full commission. On your side you will not have to manage the after-sales service.
  • On my side, being appointed representative at the time of the order, I manage the sales process from A to Z, and also offer a personalized service and support to each customer, helping them to install the equipment, to use it, to benefit from the practice of more than 5 years, to be available, and to be the direct link between Zengar Institute Inc. and the customer for the follow-up and if needed.

  • Translated with (free version)
Dynamical Neurofeedback נוירופידבק דינמי
Dynamical Neurofeedback נוירופידבק דינמי
Dynamical Neurofeedback נוירופידבק דינמי
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