Neurofeedback Rental

Rental of the system NEUROPTIMAL®

Neurosense offers you the possibility to rent the Dynamical Neurofeedback system for personal or professional use.

Take advantage of renting the Neuroptimal® system for home or professional use.

Without having to travel and at any time, you can comfortably perform sessions for yourself, your family, or even your clients while saving on the cost of the sessions.

The advantages of renting :

√ Win and save in costs. The cost when renting can reach 70% savings compared to the practitioner’s rates.

√ Save time: No more need to travel to the practice. The system is available at any time in your home or office.

√ Gain in efficiency and comfort. Identical training as in the office in a more familiar and comfortable setting for your clients but also for you and your family.

√ Gain in efficiency: generate profits by offering sessions to your clients.

השכרת מערכת נוירופידבק דינמי
השכרת מערכת נוירופידבר בבית
Dynamical Neurofeedback נוירופידבק דינמי
Location personnel
I rented the machine for 2 months for my daughter who had difficulty concentrating at school and was very restless. The results were incredible and we have planned sessions 3 times a week for all the children and even the parents! From a rather tense and nervous atmosphere we have moved to a more calm and serene atmosphere.
Location Professionnel
As part of my therapy I wanted to integrate the Neuroptimal System to evaluate the benefits on my patients. To my great surprise the results were very impressive. So I decided to equip myself with my own system once the rental period was over.


 Unlimited weekly Pro Pack
 Unlimited monthly Pro Pack
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