Neurofeedback benefits


Dynamical neurofeedback acts in a global way, i.e. it will train all brain areas. The balance of our nervous system is fragile and is tested on a daily basis: professional pressure, psychological trauma, accidents, and illnesses make it lose its ability to regulate itself. Disorders then appear and can become chronic!

Its applications are therefore multiple, by intervening in a backlash on all psychological and physical symptoms, induced by a disorganization and dysfunction of the nervous system. It is not necessary to make a diagnosis.

Dynamical Neurofeedback נוירופידבק דינמי

Cognitive (mental) performance

Attention, concentration, memory, perception, creativity, reinforcement of self-image and self-confidence etc…

Dynamical Neurofeedback נוירופידבק דינמי

Mood disorders

Stress, anxieties, anxiety, fears, depressive states, negative attitudes, trauma phobia…etc.

Dynamical Neurofeedback נוירופידבק דינמי

Behaviour Comportement

Aggression, verbal violence, physical violence, anger, impulsivity, oppositional disorders, procrastination, hyperactivity, obsessive-compulsive disorder, pervasive developmental disorder, autism, etc.

Dynamical Neurofeedback נוירופידבק דינמי

Learning Difficulty

Dysphasia, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, language disorders, motor disorders…etc.

Dynamical Neurofeedback נוירופידבק דינמי

Physiological disorders

Sleep problems, insomnia, headaches, migraines, fatigue, chronic fatigue, pain, chronic pain, epilepsy, stroke…etc.

Dynamical Neurofeedback נוירופידבק דינמי

Cognitive disorders

Memory disorders, poor memory, lack of concentration, disorganized thinking, attention problems, etc…

Spectacular results are obtained for people and children with attention disorders or deficits.

The changes most often observed in the first few sessions are as follows

How can change take place in such diverse areas?

The entry point of the method is at a very basic level of the body, the electrical activity of the brain. It is this activity that is measured and which gives the brain information about its own functioning. When the regulation of brain activity is no longer done, or is not done well, our nervous system functions more and more according to fixed patterns, using neuronal loops that have become inefficient and counterproductive. As soon as the brain’s electrical activity is regulated, its chemical activity is regulated at the same time. Since the nervous system communicates with the other systems of the body, our whole being regulates itself and functions better, according to each person’s ability to repair itself.

Even if everyone comes with very different problems, the first effects of a session are often greater calm, more energy and better sleep…something natural and obvious that comes without effort.

This is a real “weight room” to train the brain. Think of NeurOptimal® neurofeedback as a personal meditation teacher, dance or martial arts teacher or kynesitherapist, who emphasizes and corrects your form while you train. As you progress, the level of difficulty automatically increases. With practice, your form improves naturally and becomes more fluid, helping you to become more effective in your personal and professional life.

This method is neither a therapy nor a medical follow-up. It is not a substitute for treatment or medication. It is essential to always ask your doctor for advice if you wish to reduce or stop a treatment or medication after sessions.

No diagnosis is made, no end result is measurable and predictable in advance, since each one is unique, this training method uses your brain’s own resources.

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