Testimonials from professional athletes

Testimony of competitive athletes

You can find on the internet many testimonials and examples of people who have made real improvements. There are also dozens of scientific studies that have been carried out and that have shown the effectiveness of neurofeedback. There is also a real craze among scientists and health professionals for the results obtained, especially in the field of sports, where more and more high level athletes from a wide variety of disciplines are using neurofeedback.

 En voici un petit extrait.

Dynamical Neurofeedback נוירופידבק דינמי
"Neurofeedback is the future of competitive sports. It helped me to concentrate and stay relaxed under pressure. »
Dynamical Neurofeedback נוירופידבק דינמי
Richard Faulds,
gold medal at the Sydney Olympics (2000)
"I think all competitions require concentration. From chess to memory competitions and from golf to trap ball, tomorrow's champions will need to sharpen their minds through neurofeedback. The sportsman who ignores this revolutionary technology will be out of date. »
Dynamical Neurofeedback נוירופידבק דינמי
Dominic O’Brien
World Memory Champion
"Many athletes swear by neurofeedback and say it improves their performance. Among them, tennis champion Mary Pierce and Olympic gold medal skier Hermann Maier, not to mention various players on the Italian football team that won the 2006 World Cup. The purpose of neurofeedback, which is becoming increasingly popular with both professionals and amateurs, is to train the brain so that an athlete can remain focused during competition.
Dynamical Neurofeedback נוירופידבק דינמי
D.T. Max
Journalist at Men's Vogue
Four football players from the Italian national team benefited from intensive neurofeedback training before the 2006 World Cup. Alessandro Nesta, Alberto Gilardino, Gennaro Gattuso and Andrea Pirlo received neurofeedback sessions to increase "their ability to concentrate and psychological resistance to stress" in a room specially equipped for AC Milan called the "Mind room".
Dynamical Neurofeedback נוירופידבק דינמי
Chelsea FC and Real Madrid have recently been equipped with the same technology.
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