About us

About us.

Neurosense is the first official centre for brain training and education using the dynamical neurofeedback method and its Neuroptimal system in Israel.

The centre invites you to discover the benefits of the dynamical neurofeedback method. You can come and train or use it at home or with your family. 

You can also make it your profession and become a practitioner and bring in your turn the possibility to reduce suffering and improve the abilities of others. 

“Transformation has never been more accessible.”

About the director of the institute: Daniel Ben-simon.


Coming from industry, high technology and business my activities were until now mainly oriented towards productivity and efficiency. Thanks to my wife, a renowned psychotherapist, I discovered the wonderful world of soul sciences, behavioural, psychic and pathological aspects. But most of all, therapies which result from this with a deeply human goal of listening, respect and help to others in order to alleviate difficulties and improve one’s life. Hence my initiation to the disciplines of personal development and coaching.



In this context, the discovery of dynamical neurofeedback and its ingenious Neuroptimal® system was a real revelation, not to say a revolution. What could be more elementary than to naturally and effortlessly call upon our central nervous system, the true seat of control of our being.  


I have witnessed astounding changes and improvements among the many people who have come to the institute for training for a variety of reasons.


This is why, representing and training new practitioners in the Neuroptimal® system gives me the opportunity every day to be a full-fledged player in helping to reduce suffering and improve the quality of life for as many people as possible.



I am at your disposal for any questions you may have regarding the operation of NeurOptimal®, customer experiences, as well as support for training courses and the purchase of a system.

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